Welton Village Memorial Hall [Charity 1180894] [“The Memorial Hall”]
Hall Hiring Terms & Conditions

The Hall

The Memorial Hall is managed and run by a group of Trustees.  The Trustees normal representative with regard to Hirers is the Caretaker.  Reference below to The Hall encompasses the premises, the Trustees and employees including the Caretaker.  In the case of any dispute, the matter should be brought to the attention of one of the Trustees and, if necessary, the Chair of Trustees. Details are displayed in the premises.  If disputes cannot be settled between these parties they shall be settled by Independent Arbitration, interpreting this agreement according to the law of England.  The Memorial Hall is a separate organisation from Welton Memorial Club [“The Club”] that shares the site.


The Hirer, agrees to hire the Hall as set out above subject to all the Terms & Conditions set out in this document and in particular:

  1. I and everyone attending the event I am organising will comply with all Terms and Conditions set out by The Hall in this document, and any additional requirements added by The Hall or by central or local government, prior to the event.  In the event that any changes made by The Hall makes the event impossible, no charge will be made and any deposit paid refunded.
  2. I am aged 18 or older and will undertake a risk assessment of the Health & Safety of my event and ensure that appropriate actions are undertaken to keep all participants safe, noting the Hall’s own Health & Safety information.
  3. I will ensure that all participants in my event do not cause any nuisance or danger to others in or around The Hall including the road and village green area outside The Hall.  This includes any disorderly, violent or criminal behaviour.  Care shall be taken to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and any person thought or suspected to be drunk, under the influence of drugs, disorderly, violent or involved in criminal behaviour during the event shall be asked to leave or the event will be closed.
  4. I will ensure that The Hall is left in a clean, tidy and safe state and that rubbish is removed from the premises,
  5. Payment will be made in full within one week of receiving an invoice from The Hall or, in the case of regular hirers who use the Hall every week, by the end of the month following the invoice.
  6. The Hall may cancel any booking at any time including without notice if unavoidable.  In such cases a  refund of any unexpired hiring charges or deposit will be made but there can be no liability for any other costs incurred by the Hirer.  Such circumstances may include if
    1. the premises are required for emergency use or by the local authority, or
    2. the premises become unfit for the use intended by the Hirer, or
    3. the Trustees have reasonable belief that the hiring would lead to a breach of licensing conditions or other legal or statutory requirements or that unlawful or unsuitable activities will take place on the premises as a result of this hiring.
  7. Either party may cancel this agreement with 28 days’ notice without penalty on either side.  If the Hirer cancels in under 28 days then the Trustees may make a charge for any sessions reserved by this booking.
  8. If the planned use of The Hall changes I will notify the Trustees or Caretaker accordingly.
  9. Any accident, dangerous occurrence, damage to The Hall or its equipment or electrical failures must be reported to the Caretaker promptly.  Any damage done during your hiring may be charged for.
  10. This hiring does not constitute any tenancy or other right of occupation on the Hirer.
  11. I have reviewed the Terms & Conditions Checklist below and will ensure that the relevant requirements are complied with

Failure to meet these requirements may result in bookings being cancelled at short notice and additional charges being made to meet any additional costs incurred.

Terms & Conditions Checklist                                                                                    

Please read the questions below, ticking the boxes of those questions that you answer ‘YES’ and note the relevant requirements attached whatever your answer.  The requirements set still apply even if you do not tick a box but subsequently do that activity.

RefActivity QuestionsYESRequirements
1Are you going to make your participants aware of what to do in the event of an emergency, especially a fire? 

This is essential.  No booking will be accepted without this.

2Are you aware of what to do to keep your participants safe especially in the case of any emergency, for example a fire? 

You must ensure that you know the following AND check them immediately before your event

·         what to do in the event of fire i.e. activating the fire alarm (hitting the button), evacuating the building and telephoning the Fire Brigade;

·         the location and use of fire equipment;

·         escape routes and the need to keep them clear and ensure that they are illuminated;

·         the method of operation of emergency exit doors;

·         that nothing in The Hall or nothing that is brought to your event will block or impede exit;

  • that nothing that is brought to your event will create a fire hazard.
3Are you insuring the event? 

The Hall will not be responsible for any problem with your event or if the Trustees have to cancel the booking due to force majeure events or other circumstances that they deem make the event inappropriate.  While reasonable notice will be given, this may not always be possible.  You may wish to take out insurance to cover such situations.

The Hall does have Public Liability Insurance for users but this will not apply to commercial hirers so obtain your own insurance if you are unsure about this..

You should also consider insurance for high risk activities and damage caused to the Hall [which you will be liable for] or check that any third party provider of equipment or an activity is suitably insured.

This applies in particular to any commercial activity undertaken ie for which you make a charge.

4Are any children below the age of 18 or any vulnerable adults involved in the event? You must ensure that you comply with the Children Act 1989 and any other relevant legislation relating to children and vulnerable adults.  Only fit and proper persons who have passed the appropriate Disclosure and Barring Service checks have access to the children.  Checks may also apply where vulnerable adults are taking part in activities.  The Hirer shall provide the Caretaker with a copy of their DBS check and Child Protection Policy if requested to do so.

Will the public be admitted at any time?

ie do you personally know everyone attending?


You must control access to ensure that The Hall is not overcrowded.  The same applies to the surrounding area where people might be queuing, parking etc.


You must keep a record for 28 days after each event of all people attending and their contact details while there is a local requirement for people to be socially distanced.

 Ie do you personally know everyone  
6Will an admittance charge be made? 

You are responsible for the safe collection of charges which should ideally be cashless to minimise contact.

You should also insure that your activity is properly insured against any damage that might be caused to persons attending your event or to the Hall itself.

 What activities will take place?  
7aThe performance of plays 

The Hall is licensed for this from 00:00-24:00

7bThe exhibition of films 

The Hall is licensed for this from 00:00-24:00

7cIndoor sporting events 

The Hall is licensed for this from 00:00-24:00

7dThe performance of live music The Hall is licensed for this from 00:00-24:00.  The Hall holds a Community Use Licence from the Performing Rights Society and Phonographic Performance Ltd.  This permits live music and recorded music at some events but Hirers wishing to have live or recorded music in any form must ensure that this licence applies to their use or obtain the relevant licence(s).
7eThe playing of recorded music The Hall is licensed for this from 00:00-24:00.  The Hall holds a Community Use Licence from the Performing Rights Society and Phonographic Performance Ltd.  This permits live music and recorded music at some events but Hirers wishing to have live or recorded music in any form must ensure that this licence applies to their use or obtain the relevant licence(s).
7fThe performance of dance 

The Hall is licensed for this from 00:00-24:00

7gMaking music 

The Hall is licensed for this from 00:00-24:00


The Hall is licensed for this from 00:00-24:00

7iOther activities and entertainment similar to 7a-7h The Hall is licensed for this from 00:00-24:00
7jBoxing or wrestling entertainment 

The Hall is licensed for this from 00:00-24:00

7kSale of hot food  
7lSale of alcohol 

The Hall is licensed for the sale of alcohol BUT YOU MUST OBTAIN WRITTEN APPROVAL IN ADVANCE from the Trustees.  The licence only applies to the Main Hall.  This is still required when members of the Club purchase alcohol from the Club and bring it into an event in the Hall.  At least six weeks’ notice is required.

The Hirer shall ensure that in order to avoid disturbing neighbours to the hall and avoid violent or criminal behaviour; care shall be taken to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and no alcohol shall be served to anyone under 18. No illegal drugs may be brought onto the premises. Drunk and disorderly behaviour shall not be permitted either on the premises or in its immediate vicinity. Any person suspected of being drunk, under the influence of drugs or who is behaving in a violent or disorderly way shall be asked to leave the premises in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003.

7mAny activity that might involve danger to the public? THE HALL CANNOT BE USED IN THESE CIRCUMSTANCES
7nAny activity involving activities of an explicit sexual nature? THE HALL CANNOT BE USED IN THESE CIRCUMSTANCES
7oAny activities in contravention of the law relating to gaming, betting and lotteries? THE HALL CANNOT BE USED IN THESE CIRCUMSTANCES unless income is under £20,000 [or £250,000 pa], prizes total less than £500 and expenses are under £100
7pAre any explosive or highly flammable materials being used at your event? THE HALL CANNOT BE USED IN THESE CIRCUMSTANCES
7qWill there be any animals at your event? EXCEPTING ASSISTANCE DOGS, ANIMALS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE HALL. Assistance dogs are not allowed in the kitchen or any other food preparation or serving area.
8Do you wish to use the kitchen? 

If preparing, serving or selling food, observe all relevant food health and hygiene legislation and regulations.  If you bring in a third party to do any of this you must check that they will also observe these requirements.

Space in the current Hall kitchen is limited.  Consequently additional restrictions may apply at the time.

9Will you put up any decorations? 

Great care must be taken not to place any decorations where they may catch fire or injure anyone in The Hall or where they might damage the fabric or décor of The Hall.

Any decorations being placed at a height of more than 2 metres must be done using suitable ladders and over 3.3 metres requires a professional contractor.

No permanent fixings or alterations may be made with the express agreement of the Hall Trustees.

10Are you advertising the event in the area? The Hirer shall not carry out nor permit neither fly posting nor any other form of unauthorised advertisements for any event taking place at The Hall.  Failure to observe this condition may lead to prosecution by the local authority
11Are you selling any goods? The Hirer shall comply with Fair Trading Laws and any code of practice used in connection with such sales.  In particular, the Hirer shall ensure that the total prices of all goods and services are prominently displayed, as shall be the organiser’s name and address and that any discounts offered are based only on Manufacturers’ Recommended Retail Prices.

Are you using any Hall equipment eg chairs, tables, kitchen equipment, stage facilities etc

 These must all be cleaned [according to appropriate requirements at the time] after use and left in a tidy state if they cannot be left exactly as provided.
13Are you bringing your own equipment to the Hall? 

Equipment cannot be stored at the Hall for any length of time except by express agreement with the Caretaker and then only if it can be stored safely and without prejudice to other users’ requirements.

Anything left is at the Hirer’s risk and may be disposed of by The Hall if left without prior agreement.

14Will any of your participants wish to smoke? No smoking is permitted in the Hall or on any part of its premises, including the car park.
15Will any of your participants wear stilettos or other footwear liable to cause damage? Such footwear is not allowed as it has been found to cause undue damage to the floor.

Taking the answers above into account, have you read the Hall’s Health & Safety Information for Hirers document?


This is essential.  No booking will be accepted without this.

Welton Village Memorial Hall [Charity 1180894]      

Health and Safety Information for Hirers

Welton Village Memorial Hall Trustees [“The Trustees”] have overall responsibility for health and safety at Welton Village Memorial Hall [“The Hall”], and has adopted a formal Health and Safety Policy.  This Information for Hirers is taken from that policy to ensure the health and safety of Hirers of the Hall. 


  1. The Trustees aim, as far as is reasonable and practical, to:
    1. provide healthy and safe working conditions and systems of work for our employee(s), volunteers, Trustees, hirers and contractors (users) undertaking work at The Hall.
    2. Keep The Hall and its equipment in a safe condition for all users.
    3. Provide such health and safety training, information and equipment as is necessary to keep all users safe, notably from injury and infectious diseases.
  2. Responsibilities
    1. Hirers are expected to recognise that they and all Participants in their event[s] have a duty to comply with:
      1. all relevant government guidelines in force at the time of their event[s];
      2. the practices set out in this Health & Safety Information;
      3. safety notices on the premises.
    2. Hirers must also accept responsibility to do everything they can to prevent injury to themselves and others, not just Participants.
      In particular
      1. No Participant should attend any event if they feel at all unwell;
      2. Special care and attention is needed for Participants who are children or vulnerable adults. Children under the age of ten years must be supervised and be in the company and charge of a responsible adult at all times.  Children over the age of ten and vulnerable adults must be in the charge of a responsible adult who must ensure discipline and advise them of possible hazards such as the inherent danger of running, slamming doors and so forth.
    3. Should anyone using The Hall come across a fault, damage to equipment or other situation which might cause injury and which cannot be rectified immediately, they should remove the item from use if it is safe and practical to do so, or otherwise place a notice on or by the item stating that it should not be used. They should also inform the Caretaker as soon as possible so the problem can be dealt with.
  3. Procedure in Case of Accident
    1. In the event of an accident, call emergency services as appropriate (nearest Accident and Emergency Department is Hull Royal Infirmary).
    2. The location of the nearest telephones is at the bottom of Dale Road [turn left out of the front entrance for about 200 metres. Telephones may also be available at the Welton Memorial Club [adjacent to the Hall] or the Green Dragon pub [turn right out of the front entrance].  Resuscitation equipment is attached to the wall of the Green Dragon pub.
    3. All incidents/accidents must be reported to the Caretaker, or in his/her absence a Trustee, as soon as possible, who will enter details in the Accident Book and if necessary inform the Health & Safety Executive.
    4. Details of accidents involving personal injury, however slight, must be entered in the Accident Book as soon as possible and in any event within 24 hours of the accident occurring. All such entries will be verified by the nominated Trustee as to correctness and completeness.
  4. Fire Safety Procedures
    1. The location of fire exits and fire appliances is shown on the plan in the Hall main corridor.
    2. All hirers will be given information/training by the Caretaker about safety procedures at The Hall which they will be expected to follow.  This will include:
      1. Fire evacuation procedures.
      2. Use of equipment.
      3. Hazards identified in the risk assessment.
  5. Risk Assessments
    The Committee has carried out risk assessments and the following practices MUST be followed in order to minimise risks:
    1.  DO:
      1. Ensure that all emergency exit doors are kept clear at all times;
      2. Wear suitable protective clothing when handling cleaning or other toxic materials and have had appropriate training;
      3. Report any evidence of damage or faults to the equipment or the facilities to the Caretaker or any Trustee;
      4. Report accidents in the Accident Book and notify the Caretaker or any Trustee;
      5. Use adequate lighting to avoid tripping in poorly lit areas;
      6. Prevent overcrowding in the servery/kitchen areas;
      7. Take due care when moving heavy or bulky items.
    2. DO NOT:
      1. Work alone in the building without safeguards. If possible, notify a third party of your intentions and when that third party should expect to see you again.  Always ensure that you have a mobile phone in your possession.
      2. Operate or touch any electrical equipment where there are signs of damage or exposure of components to water penetration etc.
      3. Work on steps or ladders unless they are properly secured, all safety instructions given with the equipment are observed and another person is present.
      4. Leave any portable electrical or gas appliance operating unattended.
      5. Bring into the property any portable electric appliance which does not have a current Portable Appliance Tested (PAT) certificate(s).
      6. Stack chairs more than eight high.
      7. Attempt to carry or tip a water boiler when it contains hot water (leave it to cool).
      8. Allow children in the kitchen area.
      9. Allow running within any part of the building, except as part of an organised activity.
      10. Create tripping hazards. Store items such as buggies, umbrellas, mops in appropriate safe places.
      11. Create slipping hazards on stairs, polished or wet floors (mop up spills immediately).
      12. Create toppling hazards by piling equipment too high in cupboards







The location of the nearest telephones is at the bottom of Dale Road [turn left out of the front entrance for about 200 metres.  Telephones may also be available at the Welton Memorial Club [adjacent to the Hall] or the Green Dragon pub [turn right out of the front entrance].  Resuscitation equipment is attached to the wall of the Green Dragon pub.

In the event of any emergency please notify one of the following:

Colin James, caretaker 07452 822214

Steve Jibson, Chair of Trustees – 07712 772273

Mike Thane, Vice Chair of Trustees – 07970 257241

Dave Russell, Trustee – 07768 035140